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At Maidstone Chartered Surveyors our expert property valuer, is able to provide valuations on all types of residential property, across Maidstone and Kent.

House Valuations in Maidstone
Property Valuation in Maidstone

If you need a regulated property valuer to calculate the capital value of your own property in Maidstone, or an investment or new home you are looking to buy, Our valuer will provide you with an accurate, reliable and clear valuation report - combining his expertise with essential local knowledge.

An accurate valuation can save you thousands in unnecessary expenditure by helping you to avoid over-valued property and negotiate a better deal. Our valuer can also advise on complicated investment elements like yield and synergistic value.

How do we value your property?

Property valuation is often described as a mixture between science and art. A good valuer combines the science aspect - which usually involves the analysis of comparables of a similar type, size and tenure - with the 'art' of adjusting the value to suit the exact characteristics of the subject property. For more complex valuations, the process can mean analysis of cost information and possible development values.

Whilst estate agents are often used for property 'valuations' of sorts, it should be remembered that they are providing a figure which they think would be worth trying on the market. This is often on the high side, as their commission is a percentange of that figure. Contrastingly, an independent Chartered Surveyor provides an accurate assessment of 'market value' - being the price it should actually change hands for. This is a much more useful figure, be it for private purposes, or for probation, taxation or statutory purposes.

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